28 June 2009


It's still very hot and miserable, and probably will be for most of the summer. CA and I waited (procrastinated) all day, deciding to do our grocery shopping and errands late afternoon. Worked very well as we were able to fit in a Chipotle meal three grocery stores, the post office, and one gas station later.

So... It's beginning to look like a party here.
There is a very big lemon cheesecake chilling in the frig and a very small, but tall chocolate cream cheesecake. I had thoughts of serving them with mixed berries, but the strawberries were disappointing. Still might gather some red raspberries and blueberries as I have a nice raspberry sauce in the pantry.

The menu centers around Mediterranean food, so we will have frittatas with yellow and orange peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes, crispy potatoes, and cheese. They'll be accompanied by a simple Romaine salad with julienned carrots and Caesar salad dressing, and a watermelon/feta/red onion salad. Tomorrow we will garnish the watermelon salad with fresh mint instead of basil and assess the difference.

CA is picking up some fresh sour dough rolls tomorrow afternoon, and he has selected some lovely rosé wines. I will also serve lemonade/iced tea/soda/water.

I think this sounds like a perfect summer Sunday evening party. We are expecting 12 or 14 people total. Photos tomorrow!

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Jenni said...

YUM! Its 8:20 and I'm waiting for Matthew to come back with food so reading your post was a bit of torture! Hope you had fun.