29 June 2009


I was too busy to take pictures. For just a brief moment before serving dessert I remembered my plan, but there was no time for staging and lighting.

Nice party with great people. Everything turned out well, very well. The watermelon/feta salad is best with fresh mint, but the basil we've used in the past is not too shabby. The fritattas were lovely, and the combination of salads with the fritattas perfect.

Just as our first guests arrived the smoke alarm started. For at least 20 crazy minutes, probably longer, we were jarred by the multiple alarms. Seems that the chocolate cheesecake leaked some butter from it's crust onto the oven floor last night--something I didn't notice until I pre-heated the oven to finish off the fritattas.

It was a beautiful evening--almost cool on the screened porch--and we spent close to three hours eating and talking and laughing.

The cheesecakes were a hit. We had just one piece of each leftover, so CA got dibs on the lemon, and I stashed the chocolate for RvH.

Just after everyone left, around 9:45pm, I hit the road to drive for an overnight at RvH's.

My cellphone alarm goes off at 4:00am and by 4:30 we're out-the-door and headed to O'Hare. RvH is flying to Savannah, GA to meet her daughter-in-law and two small grandchildren for a week in Beaufort, SC. RvH's son is a Marine pilot serving in Afghanistan. Just last year he spent almost 8 months in Iran.

By 6:00am I am back home and aware of the fact that today will be a down day after only 3-1/2 hours of sleep. Some more sleep and a good book are on my agenda.

I am happy. A good weekend, and a chance to help a great friend.

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