15 June 2009


Bought a big fat Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley mystery, Careless in Red, at Borders on Saturday--needed some reading material for the LONG drive home from Omaha. I enjoyed the book--predictable and very well-written. I always have to look up a word or two in the dictionary when I read Elizabeth George, and I love words and also very British phrases like "a fully-articulated lorry."

Anyway, this time I ran into a great phrase: "a two chuckle laugh." Doesn't that just perfectly describe the somewhat nervous or insincere/forced laugh? Love it!

Good to be home just hanging out and taking care of chores and errands. This evening I've been watching a bit of junk T.V. and saw Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin eating fried Twinkies and fried Oreos. They had a deep-fried good time.

Busy day tomorrow as I am conducting an early morning computer class for some friends who are interested in increasing their comfort level with the Internet. I'm serving a bacon/green onion quiche and raspberries, blueberries, and bananas with mango and limone sorbets. It's a great idea that I first saw in Cabo San Lucas when I ordered a fresh fruit tray from room service. The tray came with a variety of fresh fruits and a large scoop of orange sherbet in the center. As the ice cream melts it provides a yummy sauce for the fresh fruit. I plan to adapt it to individual servings by placing the fresh fruit in small bowls and topping it with a petite scoop of each of the sorbets. Maybe I will actually remember to take a photo?

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