08 June 2009


Yep! Finally ended my marathon procrastination and sewed the 7 panels for LE's bedroom windows. I will be able to hang them, re-measure, and then hem them later this week--we are headed to Omaha on Wednesday for a long weekend. Wee, small LE is just over 12 weeks now--it's been over 4 weeks since we have been with JA and her. CA and I can hardly wait.

Been trying to finish a couple of books that I'd set aside earlier--Mary Gordon's Circling My Mother and What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self, edited by Ellyn Spragins. Can't decided if finishing either is worth my time. Mary Gordon's mother is just not that interesting, and it goes on and on--o.k. I get it, she was a devout Catholic, bordering on obsessive. And, I expected more wisdom and better stories from the stellar women Spragins interviewed. There's a reason when you set a book aside and just can't seem to get back to it...

I do like the idea of writing letters to your younger self. I'm not at an introspective place right now, but next time I am I'm going to try to choose a time in my younger life that would benefit greatly from life lessons learned and try writing a letter.

I've also started David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, which is reported to be his best work. I loved The Girl With the Curious Hair, but I'm having a hard time getting on his wave length with Infinite Jest. I was greatly saddened by his untimely death several months ago, and I intend to keep with this one until I am hooked.

Anyway, it's good that my reading has slowed--more time to sew curtains and tend to other unfinished projects.

Oh, the job that I was so ambivalent about didn't pan out. I'd had enough time to overcome the ambivalence and start to look forward to the work. I didn't trust this agency as they've never pulled through before, so I pushed a bit today and found out that the employer filled the opening with an existing employee. So, there goes 13 weeks of summer work. Hopefully, something else will come up soon with my regular agency. I was a bit bummed today...

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