24 June 2009


Hot-hot-hot. Summer is officially here and it feels like it! Including the annoying, buzzing mosquito that found its way into our bedroom last night. His/her life was short!

Thunder storms later today may cool it down a bit. Until then, I am hibernating to a great degree (no pun intended). Plans later today for a pedicure and hair cut will probably lift my spirits some as taking steps toward good grooming always helps.

I have to get serious about the cleaning and clutter soon. There are pictures still waiting to be hung in the loft. All it takes is a couple of hours of dedication and the end result will be very rewarding. Still... I procrastinate.

Our exterior jungle has been tamed a bit, as the groundskeeping crew pruned the bushes yesterday and did a very nice job of cleaning up after themselves. All the rain of late was playing havoc with our landscaping. I actually had to water the flower containers and patio tomato plant last night--for the first time in weeks. Finally, as they were in danger of floating away in the current of the persistent rains.

Tomorrow I spend part of the day with a friend--some more computer instruction and also we will wrestle with the window covering dilemma in her guest room. We are discussing plantation blinds and will scope it out and measure it up. J.C. Penney's is my provisional solution, and there's a sale.

Reading bad fiction and hoping to discover a gem somewhere. How do these authors get published? I do realize that an acceptably pleasant first novel usually leads to book contract #2, but... ? Makes me understand why a bankable author gets dreck published down the line. Still, I know that there are many, many gifted writers who are perishing to publish. In fact, in my short career in publishing I was astounded at how many good writers worked in one place. Maybe I just need to switch my reading allegiance to non-fiction. I can do non-fiction, but I am weary of self-help and most weary of celebrity how-to books. Pu-lease! There are at least three books written by The Real Housewives of New York. Makes the very word "celebrity" a derogatory term.

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