18 May 2010


I've been incredibly steadfast in my exercise routine--walking 4 - 5 times a week and increasing my yoga classes from 2 sessions a week to 4. It feels so good. I hope I can keep it up.

Of course with vacation looming my routine will change, but I plan to substitute miles each day along the beach for the health club track and hope to drop into two or three yoga classes while  we're in Virginia Beach next week.

One way of the other, the spirit is definitely willing, and the body needs the workout.

This morning, very early--5:00am--I drove to a friend's house and then to O'Hare. Traffic was fairly light and we were running early, so we took a quick turnoff on Arlington Heights Road south to Higgins and stopped at Jarosch Bakery for bear claws! YUM! I also bought a few brownies (the best in the world!) and butter cookies for our drive time Saturday and Sunday. We still got to her terminal early and I had time on my way to Health Bridge to stop at Caputo's for a few more groceries to take along to the beach. I tried Trader Joe's, but they don't open until 8:00am and it was just 7:30.

Then, this afternoon I went to help another friend figure out kitchen curtains. She's just painted her kitchen periwinkle blue and her cabinets white. She has a lovely photo of sheer Roman shade-like curtains that we hope to imitate. We've been brain storming this effort for about a week. I'm taking along my sewing machine and supplies and we'll see where it goes...

After a way short night of sleep last evening, I'm planning on an early bird retirement.

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