15 May 2010


    new laptop
    old laptop - may she rest in peace...

  1. Do not keep your laptop on it's charger all the time unless you've removed the battery
  2. Do not buy a higher capacity battery than the one that comes with your laptop, even if the manufacturer says it will work
  3. Do not attempt to service your own laptop over the phone with a Dell (or any) techie... Best Buy provides a free 15 minute analysis/evaluation/check-up and they are real live people
  4. The Geek Squad deserves respect!
  5. Do not ever let your laptop warranty expire
  6. Realistically, if your laptop lasts two years it's had a fine life and you have to let it go to heaven
  7. It's o.k. to mourn the death of an electronic device, but don't obsess

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