25 May 2010


JE calls with a few LE and JA stories. LE has really taken off walking and has improved dramatically in just one day. The kids had baths together tonight for the first time, and were entertaining and entertained by splashing and giggling and howling at themselves. JE says that in the past few days she has seen a tendency developing in LE to bully… JA’s a tender soul who’s struggled with his baby sister and now reached a place of peace (for the most part) and acceptance. Just in time, it seems, to become the bullied!

JE was seven years younger than her brother DM, but it didn’t take long for her to realize she could out-think him (speed-wise) and took advantage when she could. She was also more technically adept (the proverbial VCR programmer of the family). DM was and is a strategist, but his mind is more deliberate and methodical, whereas JE’s leaps ahead quickly to the problem solving stage. They go toe-to-toe when it comes to strong wills!

JE said that when MA was ready to leave for a meeting tonight, he set up a Kipper video for JA and told him not to touch it. JA said, “What will you do if I touch it?” and then said, “You’ll say, JONAH!!!” MA back-pedaled and told JA that he would correct him in a soft and more gentle way…

And recently, MA said "Jonah, why do you get spankings?"Jonah says "I don't want to talk about that anymore. I'm obeying today, but later I'm going to DISOBEY!"

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