15 May 2010


We are set up and ready to roll, except for needing a fresh coat of paint on the screened door. Don't you just LOVE the summer sounds of a creaking and slamming spring loaded screened door. When we were small and headed outside, Grandma Korta would always call, "Don't slam the door..." Aw shucks (though we weren't allowed to say shucks), what fun is summer if you can't race through the house and escape to freedom punctuating your adventure with a few summer sounds.

Here's hoping the devastating deer aren't brazen enough to actually come onto the deck. They feasted away my new perennials last year and the annuals, too. They munched on Hosta early this Spring, but most of the plants have recovered and multiplied so we'll call it deer pruning.

We leave for the beach in just a week so I'm leery (Whoops! I tried to spell it leary, and I was sure I was right. It's always a good thing when you learn something.) of buying any more flowers until we return. The front porch is mostly shaded, so I'm biding my time on getting those plants.

The beach! Yep! I can hardly wait.

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