21 May 2010


Well, not quite packed yet, but everything is clean, folded, and neatly stacked. Since we're driving we can take beach chairs and towels, my favoritest pillow and fleece blanket, yummy snacks, and we won't have to worry about capacity or suitcase size/weight.

More stuff happening in and around my house as I ready for summer and lots of porch sitting and eating. Photos to follow soon.

This new laptop froze up and wouldn't budge last night, but the trip to Best Buy and my interaction with my favorite Geek was quick, informational, and productive. I now know some new tricks to get things up and running. And, most importantly learned the trick for opening iPhone videos with Microsoft products--download Quick Time and voila! Up 'til today all the videos of LE and JA were sideways--45 degrees.

CA is at a soccer game--as a spectator--so I'm holding down the fort, doing some laundry for him and hoping he gets home in time to plant a couple things in the yard before it's too dark. We may be digging and planting at 6:00am tomorrow!

By Sunday we'll be relaxing to the sounds of the surf at the Ocean Beach Club, Virginia Beach, VA.

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