14 May 2010


Getting even one good photo was impossible, but there's only
one squishy little guy in our group, and he has ginger hair.
You have to look closely on the left to see grandchild #5.
NJ's outfitted in pink and brown and rather blends in with LG.

I shouldn't really call JA my squishy little guy any more because he's stretched out and gotten so big, but I love his soft and spongy little cheeks and thighs, and plan to call him my squishy little guy until he's old enough to know the difference! Then, I'll stop. Maybe.

JE told me that JA's been telling jokes! Yep, and he's barely three years old. Funny thing, the punch line for all his jokes is the same, "Judy!" His great aunt JL is pretty pleased to be his punch line. And, today he made up a name for one of LE's stuffed toys. Again, "Judy!" We'll see what LE thinks about that.

JE and MA (JA's parents) were sitting on the couch quietly today while JA set up his microphone and stand, and adjusted his guitar. He was clearly playing "church." He strummed and strutted and sang parts of some praise songs he can remember, and then stopped and said, "We're going to pray, and then we'll sing some more songs."

"Dear Jesus," JA prayed. "Thank you for the food, and for the music, and for Gummi Bears." And with that, he began to play his guitar and sing some more!

We figure he covered his three most important groups with that prayer!

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