19 May 2010


Today I have lots of energy and set up the porch and the deck for summer--to a degree that I haven't in years. (Photos to come!) I have way too much stuff stored in our basement, so today I poked around and found lots of fun porch-type dinnerware and cute gardening stuff. Then, I move the twig rocker from one of our guest rooms to join the bright blue cafe table on our deck. And, I repurpose the giant twig basket from magazine rack to future flower basket--I'll wait until after vacation to add the plantings.

Then, I move around some perennials, paint the outside of the door leading in from the garage (a deep red), do some paperwork for sweet Aunt Margie, and still mange to go to HB this evening to meet CF for 30 minutes of speed walking and an hour of yoga.

Later,  I make steak tacos for dinner. CA grills the 16oz. boneless New York Strip to a medium perfection and quick fries the white corn tortillas, while I mix up the mayonese and avocado sauces (I completely forget the green rice.). We each eat two.

CA says there's really nothing that can follow such an exquisite meal, and I say, "Except sex!" Being senior citizens, I head toward the library for t.v. and he's in front of the t.v. in our bedroom!

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