03 July 2010


An eventful day. Calm, yet eventful. Gigi is transferred to the small hospital in her community for rehab. LFW flies in from New Orleans to join CA and I for the holiday weekend.

Our walking route along Mt. Zion Road:

   Mt. Zion or Crugar cemetery at the 1-1/2 mile mark.

This photo is just because; I've always been amused by this signpost.
This is not a road, it is a driveway, and I guess Mary Ellen lives here.

I've been a failure at exercise for two days. My yoga classes were not attended. My beautiful walking path didn't lure me. I'm committed today, so LFW and I head out in the heat of the day. We walk, fastly, to Mt. Zion Cemetery and do the turn back--three miles total. We chat and expound. Time flies. It's hot.

LFW is interested in eating at Chanticleeer tonight. CA and she choose the BBQ pork ribs, a Saturday night special. I opt for the broiled tilapia. The food is predictable, but the ambiance is comforting. CA and LFW know they are home when they can eat out at Chanticleer.

It's a comfortable, balmy summer night and I enjoy reading my book on the patio until it's too dusky to see. Fireworks are booming over Eureka Lake, but we've been scared away by the traffic and crowds. This holiday weekend is dedicated to Gigi and her convalescence. We're happy to be together, catching up, sharing memories, and making new ones.

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