31 August 2011


Love, love, love LE's new haircut.

LE walks around today singing her own composition--"When I get older, I won't go to pre-school." Funny. JA goes three mornings a week, and she is actually really looking forward to pre-school, in another year.

With JA out of the house on Monday, LE busied herself tending to her baby doll and her friend Adelaide's monkey. They were well-fed, exercised, and read to. She spent a good part of the morning quietly entertaining herself. She's such a little domestic goddess. A couple of days ago I found a play washing machine, iron, and spray bottle set on clearance at Tuesday Morning and immediately knew whose it would be under the Christmas tree.

Tuesday Morning. It can be an addiction. Many times there's nothing there to tempt. Other times you just hit a bonanza. That's where I found the darling pink wooden kitchens for LE and NJ. I think I paid about $20 each, as they were on clearance, take another 50% off.

I keep saying I haven't been spending any money, but realized this morning that I have been. Amazon on-line, BessieMary Fabrics, Tuesday Morning (small Christmas gifts, mainly), Home Depot, Lowe's... Well, at least the Home Depot and Lowe's purchases are part of the bigger plan--HUGE PROJECT.

My electrician/handyman was called out on an emergency job which he's contractually tied to. So, hopefully he'll come my way on Friday to tend to my ever-growing list.

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