23 August 2011

62 CANDLES: It's the new 50!

Croissants and espresso (by Nespresso) for my birthday breakfast. Since we've not replaced the Subaru yet, CA drops me early at HB and keeps the car. LL and I are going to speed walk and then I'll hang out with her until she takes me out for a birthday lunch. She's been redecorating, so it's always fun to see what's changed at her house. She gives me some of Rush Limbaugh's Two If By Tea--diet raspberry something--and it's really good. You have to order it on the Internet.

After we've been sitting on the porch watching and listening to the rain for awhile, we change clothes and visit a floral shop in Crystal Lake--Twisted Stem. Lovely. LL buys each of us a small flower arrangement and then we drive to Woodstock for a bento box lunch at The Golden Roll. This is LL's first time at TGR, and she loves it. We take our time--still haven't run out of conversation. I'm home before 2:00pm, and tired! I'm putting on my pj's! CA found out last minute that he has a soccer parents meeting tonight, so we'll celebrate my birthday on the weekend. Maybe pair a trip to Wheaton and The Perfect Thing with lunch or early dinner at Front Street Cocina. No, I never get tired of Mexican food.

I get lots of birthday cards and some really nice phone calls. My school friend, KC, from Arizona--whom I've not talked with in 1-1/2 years--calls and we have a lovely conversation catching up on life events. RvH and I make plans for a movie, One Day, and a hamburger at Buona Beef, on Friday.

Life is good!

Reading a great book--The Architect by Keith Ablow.

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