12 August 2011


Cannot believe that I last posted real-time on July 8th! So, so much has happened and I plan to back-date and catch up on details. Right now I'm back home working on getting centered in my real world and catching my breath. CA jumped right into soccer season, and thank the Lord the weather has taken a milder turn here so he's energized.

We've had so many hugs, kisses, and so much love during the past 5 weeks--in Omaha and in Orlando. Our grandchildren are beautiful and well-behaved tributes to the love and care and wisdom of their parents--our two kids and their well-chosen spouses. Our hearts are full of love and appreciation, and we're praying lots for all the adjustments both families are in the midst of. Thank you, God, for the energy of young parents. I think CA and I had that energy once, but oh my! We strain to keep up today.

We've got travels and challenges in the weeks ahead, but we're getting well-practiced in trusting God and just doing the next thing. The great news is that the next thing has constantly been fueled by God's grace and love, and we're all blessed with incredible sweet, sweet moments and hours of treasured time together, supporting and loving and helping each other.

There's so much to remember and so many stories to tell....

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