09 August 2011


CA left this evening. Today we moved everything to the apartment after checking out early from the resort and returning the Nissan Versa rental car. The Subaru is behaving beautifully, but I still mistrust it.

Yesterday we made up the beds and unpacked most of the suitcases. Today MK and I made a one-hour round-trip shopping excursion to TJMaxx and Super Target--dividing, delegating and conquering. There'll always be (or at least for awhile) one or two more necessities to gather, but we've really gotten a handle on setting up housekeeping.

I brought along bed linens, towels (a generous donation of 8 towel sets from my dear friend LL), some pots and pans, baking pans, and kitchen utensils. MK got more into 10 suitcases than one can believe, which includes some of her own necessary kitchen things and cookbooks. I had some extra mixing and serving bowls included, and some white mugs and dessert plates which we supplemented with six place settings of white porcelain dishes from Ikea, plus a wok and soup pot, etc.

D+M had to buy a youth bed for NJ--benefitting from JE's earlier this Spring research when she bought the same bed for LE. It's just too cute all made up with new sheets and pillow plus the darling baby quilt GJ made originally for LG. Baby NJ has her own room and it's just too, too cute.

It's hard for CA to go when we head to the airport at 4:00pm, but soccer practice starts tomorrow and he's committed. Just a bit after I get back to the apt CA calls to say he's been bumped up to an earlier non-stop flight and ends up arriving at O'Hare before he was even supposed to take off (if you choose to ignore EDT vs. CDT...) Whatever. He's home before 8:30pm instead of 1:00am. God is good.

I've got the couch for tonight with clean sheets and a comfortable pillow. It's good. I can already see that DM's family is happy to be here together.

Tomorrow is another day... My last one here so we'll get lots done, and we'll return the mini van. Finally down to one car.

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