10 August 2011


Today is all about their new home. They've got a t.v. and Apple router; the apt is beginning to feel like a home. Baby NJ slept in her big girl bed without climbing out, and her sisters finally have the bunk beds they've coveted for so long. LG's on top and that's just fine with KF.

MK makes us pancakes this morning and we take our time, enjoying a bit of relaxation. Eventually it's 11:00am and NJ is ready for a nap. I'm happy to read and rest while she sleeps and the others find LG's new school, meet some teachers, and do endless errands. KF even gets a nap along the way.

We've planned for an early Macaroni Grill dinner as DM and I have to return the mini van. Round three at Orlando airport. The fourth and final segment will be my flight tomorrow morning. Early.

Yesterday the two older girls and I met some nice neighbors--finding out that the Campus Crusade families from past years are appreciated and missed, and the new families are eagerly awaited. Bodes well for DM's family's future. And, we checked out the pool, which our girls delight in.

It's a good day and we have a lovely dinner together. I'm definitely ready to go home, and infinitely happy we put forth this effort. We love, love, love our family and live to love and support them.

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