28 August 2011

SUNDAY: Day of Rest

Loving the Menlo Park-John Ortberg series Who Was This Guy?. Forgiveness hit me hard and gave me much to think and pray about. Today we dialed back to the first message of the series, Inspiration. Worth listening to again.

I meet LL at HB for an hour walk before beginning my errands--Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, JoAnn Fabrics, in addition to a couple recreational stops--Michael's and Home Goods. I have to get the rest of the lighting before Tony, the electrician-handyman, comes on Wednesday. I finally find a sconce--on clearance--at Lowes. In addition to the sconce for above the first landing on the stairs, I get rope lighting for our screened porch. This is a new idea that I'm really excited about.

On Wednesday, Tony will install under-cabinet and over-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, an additional recessed light above the stove, French (Corsican) sconces on each side of the fireplace, add a dimmer switch in the master bathroom, switch-out the great room chandelier with the library ceiling fixture, hang window boxes on front of house, install pull-out shelves in the master bath vanity,. He'll repair porch screens, the guest room curtain rod, front door screen, and whatever I add to his lust before Wednesday.

After initially leaving home at 8:30am, I don't return until 3:30pm. On the way home I drop by BB's to give her a Be Still and Know CD I'd promised and end up visiting for well over an hour.We have a lot of catching-up to do. We'll start meeting once a week to walk this Wednesday.

I need a nap! I've been up since 4:00am. We eventually decide to have hors d'oeuvres for dinner, even though we've not eaten much today. We prepare and enjoy one of the bagel dogs we bought at a bagel shop yesterday (Hebrew National), cut into 6 pieces, fresh dates stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon, and a Freschetta thin crust Farmers Market Veggie pizza. Just the ticket. This is a fantastic product.

I finish out the day talking to my youngest sister PM to get the low-down on my niece's wedding shower held in Central, IL today. I really wanted to go but couldn't because of my travel fatigue. Even yesterday I called a friend who has family in the same area to see if she wanted to make a quick trip with me. We've done that twice before, but she had commitments here, plus none of her family were to be in town today.

A good and pleasant day.

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