30 August 2011


Our kids are settling into a fine life in Orlando. LG has started first grade and is making new friends. She had her first after-school play date already. Both of the older girls are taking dancing--ballet, tap, tumbling, and one other. KF loves her ballet class and teacher. She's been so brave and is making friends. MK and NJ get a chance to socialize with parents and younger siblings for the 30 minutes KF is in class on Tuesday mornings. 

Since arriving in Florida, their lives have been hectic, but also somewhat magical--they love their apartment complex with its convenient swimming pool and places to ride their bikes. There are kids to play with and a playground; and since it's a gated community there's some sense of security. Papa and I had promised LG a new two-wheeler for her birthday in May, so last week they each got to choose a bike at Walmart. KF's is purplish-pink and LG's is aqua-blue. With helmets to match!

The shops and restaurants are within walking distance, as is the post office and DMV. They have a choice of conveniently located churches, and LG's school is just a few minutes away. They seem to be getting used to the heat and humidity, and are looking forward to the mild winter.

They've already been to Disney World for a few hours--the cat's out of the bag on that one. Until that visit, the little girls knew nothing about the theme parks. They already love Disney, but Disney World... It was a bit overwhelming for mommy and the girls, but they live close enough and have free passes so there'll be plenty of opportunities to visit again.

So, what do little girls dream of? Dancing, new bikes, Disney princesses, and a whole lot more. Orlando must seem like Nirvana to these little ones. You can see how happy the entire family is in their new life:

God is great, and good. He blesses us with more than we could ask of think.

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