20 August 2011


I've obviously got a lot to say today.

JE and I do a movie night--another early birthday celebration. Can't remember the last time we saw a movie together, but we'd both read the book and have been looking forward to the movie.

Lovely film, The Help. Very true to the novel, which doesn't often happen. Noticed in the credits that Nate Berkus was one of the executive producers. Not sure what that's about. I digress. Often. The topic of black/white relationships in the 1960s is a serious subject and was treated with due respect; there were also a good many laughs.

Emma Stone with Allison Janney

Brice Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek, and Octavia Spencer

This is a very well-done movie. Classy, informative, heart-rendering and heart-warming. Emma Stone cannot be any cuter than she is in this film. She is well-cast, as are many of the familiar faces appearing in this movie. Hilly is dead-on. Brice Dallas Howard (Ron's daughter) is superb. Sissy Spacek as Hilly's mom is a riot. She has great lines, and hams it up brilliantly as the slightly doddering, dementia addled mom.

Minnie did some serious southern cooking, and halfway through I started craving fried chicken. JE and I actually did a Popeye's drive-through on the way home. She didn't partake, but I managed to lure MA into some chicken tenders. We'll save the beans and rice for tomorrow, but the buttery biscuit never even made it all the way home.

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