17 August 2011


Treats from grandpa.

CA drives me early this morning--5:00am early--to O'Hare for a baby visit to Omaha. United had a Mileage Plus sale on tickets to Omaha--a rare occurrence in the frequent flier mile world of late. This is the earliest I can get back here due to the Orlando trip and my recovery. It's been three weeks. A lot can and has happened in three weeks.

Baby LC is 4 weeks now and just beginning to smile from the heart. He controls his head well and you can feel him flexing his body trying to sit up a little straighter. He is seeing better--thus the smiles--and taking an interest in his surroundings. I was explaining to JA how some babies discover their own hands and are fascinated. I don't think he quite believed me (world-weary and semi-jaded 4-year old that he is!). JA is delighting in his baby brother--uses his long and thick ginger hair to tickle LC's legs and face. We propped the baby in the corner of the couch, which amazed and delighted JA.

LE is such a charmer--hanging monkey-style from the play set rings, revelling in her domestic duties (stuffed animals and dolls to clean and diaper; meals to prepare in her play kitchen), and just generally taking charge. Today for the first time she initiated some knock-knock jokes with me--snorting and guffawing over the punch lines. She is quite the conversationalist--explaining her recent gymnastics in detail to her daddy.

We've got some low-key plans outlined--to fit in between baby duties--that will certainly include an array of parks, some yoga, and an ice cream cone or two. Tomorrow their Nana and Papa will spend the day, so JE and I will run some errands, shop a bit, and do whatever big girls do together (with baby LC in-tow).

We're having fun already!

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