20 August 2011


These two are so quintessentially Midwestern.
 August: corn and tomatoes out of a pick-up truck along the side of the road.

The Smiths have a morning event, so I'm free to explore the Omaha Old Market farmers' market. Usually we attend with toddlers in hand and sometimes a stroller. So with just me, I can wind through the narrow spaces, pause, back-track, and just generally schmooze my way through the market. Miss my little ones' normal market enthusiasm, and no balloon animals for just little ole me. I don't even pay much attention to the street musicians, but how can you not take pause at the blue grass guys?

I'm at my annoyingly chattiest, speaking at length to the potter and enchilada guys. Then I find a picnic table next to a photographer, tripping on his tripod (no damage!). We're both eating enchiladas for breakfast and so we fall into animated conversation, sharing Mexican recipes and foodie thoughts. Another woman hears us, so she sits down and joins in. One of her favorite (economical for a family of six) recipes involves zucchini, potatoes, and onions. She grates them all together in her food processor, wraps the mixture in corn tortillas, places them in a baking dish, covers it all with green salsa, and bakes at 350 degrees for 45 minutes--shorter time if you sauté the veggies first. She didn't mention cheese, but I bet she adds cheese to the veggies in the tortillas.

I get lots of great market photos, and just generally have a very good time. I bring home two big bunches of basil, tiny green onions, chicken and also cheese handmade enchiladas, peaches, and some stuff made out of old silverware--a key chain, cross neckless, and 2 tiny easels made from forks. Gifts for friends or me!

This vendor actually "styled" the beets before he let me take the photo!
A fine mist of water to make them pop.

I like my produce pretty, but something about the "truth" 
of these onions drew me in.

The weather is mild and hazy this morning--just perfect for browsing the market.

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