27 August 2011


Today RvH and I meet at 10:45am to celebrate my birthday. We've decided to see One Day together at the AMC in Barrington. 

We both love the film. Maybe not great cinema but we smile and we cry, and we decide that any film that makes us really feel our emotions--our vulnerability--is a good thing. I've no negative thoughts on this movie. Sometimes a girl just needs a good romance, especially one set in Edinburgh, London, and Paris.

I've chosen Buona Beef for my birthday lunch--hamburgers, fries to share, and free Arnold Palmer beverages because we're old. Senior citizens drink free at Buona. Our beautiful friend, Wendy, is at the register. She goes out of her way to make us welcome. Last time we were here she arranged our table and delivered our food--this is not a fancy sit-down restaurant. This is a place where you normally order your food, wait in line, fill your own beverage cup, and find a table.

Wendy is just so, so sweet. We used to come to Buona every week or two before we both retired and we miss seeing Wendy more often since.

Today, after we order, Wendy takes our receipts and delivers our burgers to our table. It comes out that we're celebrating my birthday, so before the meal is over Wendy appears with a wonderful Buona fudge brownie half topped with a scoop of wonderful vanilla ice cream, just a dab of whipped cream, and a cherry on top for the birthday girl. 

We make sure to stop and tell the manager how wonderful Wendy is and how we appreciate the birthday treats.

I want to go to Whole Foods since we're close to the Woodfield area, and RvH always likes a culinary adventure. We don't need much. Fresh figs for me--to fill with goat cheese and wrap with bacon. Strawberries and a breakfast muffin for RvH; while I buy a small loaf of cinnamon bread for CA and some croutons for Giada's rigatoni recipe. I'd planned to buy another 5" layer cake (just because...) but after the fudge brownie ala mode I'm just too full to contemplate.

We drive separately to RvH's. She has some stuff to sell, and I will take the photos and dimensions. DV may be able to find a buyer, or we'll consider selling through The Perfect Thing.

Marked on bottom: Made in Italy (in English)
48"W x 18-1/2"D x 33"H

Herand (Hungarian)
Markings include: Herand logo printed in blue on upper left with the number 6 underneath, also the number 284 etched top middle, and the word HERAND with the number 5030 etched on the right.

RvH always treats me royally on my birth day, and this year us no exception. She buys me two books, a cloisonne fob, a beautiful Paris-inspired glass dome, a book journal, a tiny Eiffel tower notebook for my purse, French-themed cocktail napkins, and a darling red box of French-inspired note paper. 

The best part is always the gift wrap. RvH is an artist at heart. Just lovely, and fun.

I feel honored and celebrated. Twice already this week. Three times including our celebration(s) in Omaha.

I'm exhausted as I drive to Cary to collect CA. We're down to one car until tomorrow when we buy the Subaru replacement was out very early this morning dropping him off, and doing some 7:00am grocery shopping.

As I drive to CG, DM calls from Cocoa Beach area where his family will spend this weekend. The little girls are very excited about the ocean. Wish we were there, too. LG has much to tell me about her double ice cream cone--strawberry and cookie dough, side-by-side. She's never had cookie dough and it is her instant favorite. And after I ask what the best thing about her school day, she tells me it's singing God Bless America every morning before the Pledge of Allegiance. This little Slovak-American girl is quickly becoming very American. She's fabulously bi-lingual, and transitions easily to having English as her first language. Still, I believe she's always going to be a proud Slovak.

KF has begun talking more to me on the phone, sounding more well-spoken every time. DM says that they took her to a playground this week and when she saw it she said, "How awesome!" Her language skills have leaped forward, as well as her pronunciation. I'll miss her sweet gwanma, yiyi, etc. 

As far as Noël, she's not yet a phone girl, so she's busy making a bunch of noise in the background. She's kind of the family clown--climbing out of her bed to run into her sisters' room to entertain. Such a doll.

When we arrive home were not ready for dinner, so we fall into our separate routines--I fall asleep knowing full well that taking an evening nap is never a good idea. Eventually I conduct a series of friend/family phone calls and get caught up in the Internet and blog photo posting, while CA (who is working full-time now) goes to bed at a reasonable time.

A very good day.

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