27 August 2011


Fabric Finders

Saturday is a perfect combination of activity and recovery. We've planned to buy CA's car, but the dealership is swamped with buyers so CA takes me home after a run through Caputo's for goat cheese, NY strip steaks, DeCecco angel hair pasta, and some yummy cannoli. CA will go back mid-afternoon to complete the transaction.

I spend my afternoon reading, napping, and creatively thinking. I've been really tired since our travels ceased (paused)--it just hits me, or rather I suddenly hit a wall. SMACK!

The grey gingham fabric I ordered for skirting the small console table in the back hall arrived yesterday and it's lovely. Thank you BessieMary for the superb service and vintage quality. I've been refining my plans for the skirting--the results will be blogged soon. And, it turns out the 4 yards aqua (spa) linen I purchased, on sale and on a whim, will work perfectly for the detachable bed skirt in the master bedroom. No more guilt about my fabric stack. The vineyard print we purchased in Antibes will cover our third ottoman and the red linen will provide the cording.

CA grills the steaks for my birthday dinner. We'll grill enough to have streak tacos in a couple days.I sauté beautiful mushrooms and Vidalia onions and assemble a Chinese salad. Wonderful meal which we top with some cannoli--pistachio for CA and a mini one, dipped in wonderful chocolate for me.
1 bag Cabbage broccoli
 2 bags Ramen Noodles (discard seasonings)
 1/2 Cup Slivered almonds, toasted
 1/2 Cup Green onions, sliced thinly          
3/4 Cup Vegetable oil
 3/4 Cup Sugar
 1/4 Cup Apple cider vinegar
 2 T Mustard
 1 T Soy sauce
 1. Combine vegetable oil, vinegar, sugar, mustard, and soy sauce in blender and process until smooth.
 2. Toss with cabbage broccoli and green onions
 3. Just before serving, toss in Ramen noodles and toasted almonds.                        

The birthday celebration continues...

Later, I do research for RvH and find the Herand rooster retails for $4655! It's a limited edition, #6 out of @ 250, and 24 karat gold. She'll sell this cock ASAP. Now, if we can find a buyer for this and for the beautiful Bombe chest. RvH is beyond pleased when I call her.

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