24 August 2011


We are still a one car family. Delayed our car shopping until Saturday and I happily canceled plans for today. I'm home for the day. Ah-h-h... Inhale. Exhale.

Since we have time, we give the garage a much needed thorough cleaning. It'll be nice for the new car, and when the furniture returns from the upholsterer we'll store it in the garage until the hardwood floors are refinished.

I do make a quick trip to Farm and Fleet to purchase a second shelving unit to further organize our "stuff." Do you know about Farm and Fleet? When our kids were small that store was rumored to have the very best toy prices. Of course, that was pre-Target, WalMart, and just about every discount store. We had K-Mart and Zayre.

Farm & Fleet originally served, well... farms and fleets. It's still fun to putter about to see what's unique or cheap. JE's dining room table came from Farm & Fleet. It was on clearance so CA and I hauled it to Omaha when she was a single girl with her first apartment with no roommates.

The garage looks and smells good. How sad is my life that I have to go to the laundry room door--not once, but twice--just to admire our work and take a whiff? Looking good.

After CA takes off I get a burst of energy fueled by curiosity and set about rearranging the great room furniture into the pattern DV has suggested. It works! I like it. My creative juices have been flowing. More about that later.

I'm way kicked back now. Reading my good book and sipping some iced tea. I could do this for a few days...

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