29 August 2011


RvH is such a gifted friend, and a friend who gifts. And, I always treasure her cards because she chooses with care and then spends hours composing heartfelt odes to friendship. You always feel that she sees you as better than you actually are. She's a treasure. Here's this year's card (above) and note:

Happy Birthday, MJ -
Each year becomes more precious, doesn't it? I celebrate you and pray for you heaven's best - joy, peace and love.
How richly I have been blessed by our friendship and I am a better person for knowing you. You have shown me what caring and giving is all about.
Thank you for the  many gifts of warmth, wit and wisdom - companionship, laughter and play. We can be together doing something special or nothing specific and still not run out of good thoughts - or words.
You help me make the "joy" brighter and the "bumps" easier, so truly you are my fair-weather friend. So you see, there is  much to celebrate about you.
Be well-energized, joy-filled and trust in the good plans the Lord has for you. Now that all of your little ones are here again, may there be lots of hugs and kisses ahead - whether in person or on video. They certainly steal our hearts and take our breath away...
Love, RvH

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