01 September 2011


Bloggers all around the northern hemisphere are anticipating "autumn." Not for awhile here in Chicagoland, at least. It's mid-90s today and the a/c is cranking. We've had a taste of Fall, but then back to summer with a vengeance. It's always hot when school begins. I think it's a rule of nature. Children must sweat over their studies, as do math teachers (CA). Yep!

CA is back teaching math to high schoolers for an indefinite period of time. The lovely woman who replaced him in 2006 when he retired has sadly had a health set-back, so he's happily launching the school year for her until her health stabilizes. I say "happily" because he's happy to be helping out, but hadn't planned on full-time subbing during soccer season. That's a very long day to be on his skinny, little feet-- more than 12 hours lots of days. When I say "skinny and "little" I mean both. He has smallish feet for his 6'3" frame, and as we age the fat pads on our feet bottoms thin out-- think it has something to do with more fat "required" on tummies and thighs (?).

 So, I'd not kept track of the predicted heat index and am merrily on my way to RvH's, just after the gym with LL, around 9:30am. We've planned a cleaning day. RvH's 50 year high school reunion is next week and she'll be entertaining house guests for several days. RvH doesn't do "cobwebs," but cobwebs do RvH's house--with a passion. Have you noticed that the spiders have been hyper-active this year? I can't stand being in my basement for more than a couple minutes without swatting and itching. And, outside they are waging a takeover.

 Anyway, I tackle cleaning the outsides of the windows and screens while RvH washes the inside panes. We do our "Martha" with white vinegar and warm water. It's the best! And, save the planet--old white toweling is superb for both washing and drying. The windows shine--all 9 of them, plus the French doors and front door side lites.

 Unfortunately I neglect to notice the heat. Well, I notice it--I'm sweated through my shirt and denim capris, and I don't usually sweat. My capris look suspiciously like PJ's birthday card intimated... What finally draws my attention is the whoozy, heat stroke feeling during the last couple of minutes of the project. I need water and cool--immediately. Inside the a/c is reviving, and I strip off my soaked shirt. Nice look for a 62 year-old almost Albino! Good thing I brought along another shirt.

A dry shirt feels good, but I 'm stuck with soggy britches. Funny how quickly they dry in the heat during our quick trip to Panera to share a tuna sandwich and bag of chips. The cashier feels bad seeing our heat-stroked faces and treats us to free iced teas. A lovely random act of kindness.

 I'm soon on the road to Caputo's to gather the supplies for Saturday's entertaining, and then straight home to rest and recover. I love being at home-- a/c, a great mattress, and some junk tabloids (is that redundant?) compliments of RvH.

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