13 September 2011


After a brisk walk at Health Bridge, LL comes to my house to admire the newly upholstered furniture (her sister DV is the decorator). Love, love, loves it. As do I.

After checking out all the changes and planned changes, we head up to Lake Geneva for LL's belated birthday lunch. Can't resist showing off Simple to her. Another gorgeous fall day and the perfect place to be on such a day.

LL observes an entree at the next table, which we both end up ordering. So beautiful, and so, so good.

*Quinoa Roasted Corn Fritters
Crispy quinoa roasted corn fritters, diced tomato, avocado, cilantro, egg over easy, chipotle cream sauce 8.95

After brunch we wander the shops of Lake Geneva, buying not much, but admiring tons. I've a mental list of what's here, and may be back before the week is out. There's a lovely blouse at Jones New York that would be perfect under my grey suit jacket should I decide to dress conservatively for the upcoming family wedding in Peoria.

I'm home for the day by 1:30pm, and enjoying the experience. Then, I read an email from the hardwood floor guy suggesting I stop by his shop to finalize the contract and pay the deposit. He plans to begin redoing the floors on Monday, October 3rd. I quickly review my time options for the remainder of the week and know that I need to get this taken care of today. I can use the trip to CL to take care of some outstanding errands--dry cleaner and library--and since I purchased a Groupon today for new eyeglasses (sunglasses) I decide to stop at Pearle Vision and check out the potential frames and pricing.

Pearle Vision

I've found the perfect pair of sunglasses and the price is right, but I decide to wait a bit before ordering--the Groupon is good for 5 months. I love the new frames, so I don't intend to wait long.

We've tons of leftovers from our dining out experiences over the past few days, so dinner is a breeze. It's a late night for CA--his team won again--a very good soccer season so far. I can always entertain myself with junk t.v. unless I get inspired to finish one of my projects--sanding a side table, sewing a fleece/fabric throw for our bedroom or felt kids toys, photographing and logging the antiques I intend to sell, etc. I've many half finished projects.

Not sure that da coach will actuallly be cooking for us...

I spend the remainder of the evening ironing out travel arrangements for CA and JL for our October visit to D+M in Orlando. The plan is that CA and I will drive down together, but after 4 days he'll fly home to work. During that time we'll use a different Groupon to stay at Mike Ditka's Runaway Beach Resorts in Kissimmee with the kids--taking that opportunity for two days at the Disney theme parks. CA will head home on a Wednesday morning, and then JL will fly down on Sunday for a few days and make the return road trip with me. She'll have a chance to visit her late husband's family, and together we can visit our aunt and uncle near Cocoa Beach. Being retired ladies, we can be very flexible about our return trip. Sounds good.

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