23 September 2011


It's time for me to focus on the Jacobs’ family part of this visit, while LFW handles GG's needs. I'll keep in touch with GG by phone, but CA will arrive this evening to join his sister, and visit their mom.

JL and I have volunteered to help decorate for our niece's wedding reception.  After a stop by Starbucks (I've a full-blown head cold compliments of the little ones in Omaha.) for some caffeine-fueled energy, by 3:00pm we're driving up the river again.

The reception will be casual--at Peoria Park District's Camp Wokanda. It's a retro/vintage-look and so, so cute. The room is a lodge-like building with tons of cool panes windows, which we curtain. Yep! JL and I are mostly in charge of curtaining 35 or so windows. JJ has planned well and her twinkle lights and centerpieces mellow-put and transform the space.

We're still working at 6:30pm and trying desperately to chase our brother and sister-in-law out the door and toward the wedding rehearsal and dinner. P+MM are with us to the end doing techie and other decorating stuff.

We touch base with LFW and make arrangements to meet at Tequila's in Washington. There's a nail salon next door, so I push JL that way (for her "I'm Not Really a Waitress" manicure) and settle in with a Marguerita, guacamole, and chips to wait for LFW.

We have fun! The food is fine. Really fine. We laugh. We talk. JL and LFW both love to talk. The Margueritas fuel the fun and offset our frayed nerves and energy. I've ordered the Mucho Combo--chicken quesadilla, a beef burrito, and a tostado--and truly enjoy it, saving the quesadilla for later.

LFW reports that GG is recuperating on-schedule, and she's had the necessary conversations with the care givers. CA is driving straight from home to the hospital, so GG isn't alone tonight.

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