06 September 2011


September 6, 1969

Ah-h, youth! We were young and in love. CA was 22-1/2 years and I just 20 and two weeks. The Viet Nam War was in full force, and the draft had been recently reinstated. CA was a Naval Reserve Officer Candidate and a senior at Wheaton College. I was the bread winner--having completed just one year of college while working and saving $$. I eventually found a job in Chicago (we lived in Wheaton, a 45 minute commute by train) at CNA Insurance on Wabash and Jackson. A brisk and long walk from the Northwestern Station.

As we married, the future was full of hope as the present was full of love and possibilities. We knew CA would serve 3 years in the Navy after graduation, and Viet Nam loomed, so that was our excuse for getting married before he graduated. We'd have one almost full year together before... Whatever.... No one could predict.

Grace Presbyterian on Forest Hill and Knoxville, Peoria, IL

Debi, Patty, Bobbie, Sylvia, Linda, Nancy, me, CA, Vance, Marty, Bob, Bill, Phil, Larry

We had a church wedding with the younger two of my four sisters, his sister, and my three closest friends as bridesmaids. He chose college friends and a cousin. It was all very traditional.

Bridezillas were yet to be coined. In our region and culture, church basement, cake and punch receptions were standard. We had a bad photographer, but didn't know the difference. The technology was far less developed then, although better pictures were possible.

All of this to say, happy anniversary to my loving and enduring husband, Chris. Our lives have been more than I hoped or dreamed. You've taken me places I'd never dreamed. Loved me unconditionally, with wisdom, humor, and tolerance. What more can I say? You are the BEST!

CA's a math teacher, so this bagel treat
 reflects my anniversary wishes to him
from Bentley's bagels


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Thank you the sweet comment today and most of all.......Happy Anniversary! XO

Marielle said...

Thank you!