28 September 2011


I love Reese's Big Cup. It's one of my go-to's when I crave PBC. That, or Haagen Das PBC ice cream, or Ben and Jerry's PB Cup. It's a lethal combination--PBC that is.

So, while grocery shopping I'm tempted by the new Reese's Giant Bar. The verdict? Too much chocolate and not enough peanut butter. As I'm a recent convert to milk chocolate, I'm still sensitive to overly-sweet milk chocolate, and this is...

Lately, my go-to lunch favorite is PB and butter on Oat Nut bread with a side of salty potato chips. Preferably Ruffles, not Lay's. Ruffles are just the right combination of salt and crunch. Oh, and not just butter, but Plugra--French butter. Not as contradictory as it seems, at least in my opinion. Skippy Natural Super Chunk, to be specific. Others prefer Jif, but I've always been a Skippy girl. 1/2 a sandwich works, as the Oat Nut bread is rather large. Yum!

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