22 September 2011


My Wednesday starts abruptly... GiGi calls out just after 5:00am. She's stuck and in excruciating pain. Her hip has failed completely just hours before scheduled surgery. We consult with th hospital and before 6:00am she's transported by ambulance to BroMenn in Bloomington.

The nurse in Same Day Surgery (Yolanda) is superb! Turns out there's some cellulitis that no one expected, but at least GiGi is in the right place for appropriate care.

Surgery goes as expected-- no unknown issues. I grab a small pizza and salad at Monical's (a local family pizza chain) while GG is in Recovery. Can't believe how convenient this location is. Missed it during prior visits.I make a few phone calls to give family and friends the update, and GG settles in quite comfortably in a familiar environment--she's had three hip surgeries and a shoulder replacement here.

I've carried my iPad, magazines, and book into the hospital in a Cheesecake Factory bag, and create quite a stir. There's not a local outlet, but many nurses comment and drool. If I'd only known, I'd have brought along a cheesecake.

By the time I hit Eureka it's 8:00pm so I stop at Chanticleer for a small ribeye steak and salad. No sleep drugs required tonight. I'm exhausted.


I take time to get organized and caffeinated appropriately, arriving at the hospital just before noon--a quick stop at Jimmy John's provides a semi-healthy lunch alternative to hospital or fast food.

GG's doing well--we've been in phone contact a couple of times already this morning. She's always interested in which family members or friends have called--even asking me to check caller i.d. and return calls to those who didn't leave messages.

I've brought along GG's iPad, so we co-exist in harmony while keeping hands-on our individual techie tools. She's 83 years and loves her iPad.

GJ, JL, and Marielle c.December 1949

We're celebrating my Dad's 90th tonight, so I head out mid-afternoon to get ready, pick-up the b'day cake at Le Bakery in Peoria, and get myself upriver from Peoria to Kenyon's in Lacon. I totally enjoy the riverside, realizing how we never focused on the river during our growing-up years. Peoria is a river city. There are miles and miles of gorgeous river views. Wish I'd had an awareness of this beauty; water is nurturing and restorative to my soul.

Dad has a great time with all his kids, except NC is home in Seattle. We're joined by a few friends and several more family members for delicious fried chicken, ravioli, and spaghetti. WJ samples the frog legs and reserves 2 for CA to enjoy later this weekend. The cake from Le Bakery is beautiful and delicious as usual.

Sisters GJ and JL have compiled two photo collages--1) family 2) Dad's personal history. He actually seems to love it. We don't usually get the reaction we hope for from him. Gifts are difficult at this age, so in addition to some of his favorite peanut butter chocolate treats, we give him $90--a dollar for each year.

I volunteer to drive dad and his wife home in downtown Peoria since I'll be out and about for awhile yet tonight--picking my sister-in-law up at the Peoria airport at 10:30pm.

LFW and I are both exhausted. She's done her UNO professorial duties already today in New Orleans before flying through Denver to Peoria. Yawn! We've both had full days, so we fade fast after arriving at GG's cottage in Eureka. We've got  full schedules in the days to come.

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