18 September 2011


My post self-destructed... Why does that happen? iPad blunder? JL and I are up early, since I want to be on the road to Omaha by 8:00am I told her 7:30 am... We have stops to make before we hit the open road via I-88 to I-80. I decide to skip Caputo's this time, but I want to return the bagel pan to Bentley's and JL wants to get some English muffin bread for our dad at Meijers on Randall Road.

They're just taking bagel dogs out of the oven at Bentley's so I buy some to take to Omaha. Before too long the fresh baked bagel smell mixed with Hebrew National hot dog entices us both to down one as breakfast. This Meijer's doesn't do English muffin bread, but I manages to find an adorable Grinch t-shirt and also a blue Spiderman t-shirt for JA. (JA refuses the Grinch t-shirt. He doesn't do costumes or anything he doesn't completely understand.)

 We're actually on the road over an hour and already 45 minutes behind when we leave the mall-sized Oasis in Belvidere. I needed a Diet Coke and also the restroom facilities. Drinking and driving Marielle-style (drinking caffeinated beverages, that is). Our 8 hour trip takes 9+, but it goes quickly and we're entertained by XM satellite radio and conversation. There was also a Taco Bell stop long the way, but who's keeping track. I did manage a Greek yogurt for some healthy eating somewhere before Omaha and after Taco Bell. JL had something with ice cream... Not to be telling tales.

Within 10 seconds of arrival LE asks, "Grandma, did you bring your iPad?" She's very quick for just 2-1/2. We need to see what Talking Tom is up to. Soon, I put together dinner from what I've brought along--pasta with bolognese sauce, French fried Parmesan eggplant (aubergine), and a wonderful baguette from Ambrosia. There is also some Skinny Girl Marguerite mixed in...

 By 8:30pm the Smiths are up the stairs and headed to bed. JL and I aren't far behind--faining a plan to read our books in our various bedrooms--with lights out before 10:00pm. Fast times in the big city. We're tired. 

I've volunteered the early shift with LE--she's gracious enough to not show up until after 6:00am. Soon her mommy has her settled with a video next to my couch, where she quietly resides until just after 7:00am when JL entices her into the living room with promises to read the new Happy Halloween, Stinky Face.  A delightful read. The illustrations are spell-binding. Just ask LE.) Last night LE and I were locked for 15 minutes or more onto the page where Lily Kate, dressed as a black cat for Halloween, gets her tail stuck in a door. "How did her tail get stuck?" "Why did her tail get stuck?" "How will she get her tail out?" "Whose door is her tail stuck in?" Over and over and over. This morning JL (forewarned) manages to cut that particular conversation a bit shorter.

 We're all going to church, but JL and I drive separately. This is the last Sunday for Core at the Omaha Arts Center. They're merging with Coram Deo and beginning next Sunday they'll meet at Westside Middle School (Center Street and 84th Street). Today Coram Deo's lead pastor speaks at Core and Ethan speaks at Coram Deo. Bob does a great job--biblical, inspiring, convicting, encouraging, directing.

 After church JL wants to view the neighborhoods of Dundee, and I need gasoline. It's raining when we finally spy a gas station, so we decide to park and have brunch at Dario's Brasserie. We ate dinner together here when we were in Omaha in March for LE's Pinkalicious 2nd birthday party. JL orders Belgian toast--a French toast version dipped in a Lindeman's Framboise batter, then topped with a ton of walnuts, maple syrup, and butter. The accompanying fruit salad is beautiful, too. I go for a classic Croque Madame and the standard green salad with a light vinaigrette. Superb! And, the coffee's great, too.

 By the time brunch is over Dundee Gallery is open, so we wander next door and spend some time (and money) on small pieces of art. Lovely variety. Unfortunately I drop my bag just as I get to the car and the pottery mug's bottom shatters. I'm going to try gluing tonight, and if it looks too bad I'm going o throw it out, forget it happened, and go back to replace it.

 I spend this rainy afternoon reading while LC naps, JA and MA watch sports, and the rest make a Target run. We've encourage JE and MA to go out tonight, so after the three bears are in bed they head to Dario's for dinner while we scarf down JA's vegetable soup, enjoying every slurp. I'm behind on blog posts, especially because draft posts keep disappearing.

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