11 September 2011


Can't resist another gorgeous Sunday morning in Lake Geneva. We head early to Simple for a fabulous breakfast. This time CA opts for the corned beef hash, while I can't resist mashed potato omelet. Mashed potato omelet! I never... Both are outstanding, and I'm negotiating for custody of his leftovers. I could eat here a lot. In fact, LL and I will celebrate her birthday here at lunch on Tuesday.

  Corned Beef Hash
Corned beef, caramelized onions, bell peppers, potatoes topped w/two eggs any style 
and melted gruyère cheese 9.95

Mashed Potato Omelet
Creamy mashed potato, fruitwood smoked bacon, 
green onion topped w/Creole hollandaise (served with sliced tomato) 8.95

Somehow last weekend I missed noticing the fun light fixtures in this restaurant. The decor is so pleasing, low-key but colorful. Today I can't resist taking pictures of every style. None of the other diners seem to mind mu intrusion, and are quick to point out interesting details. One suggests I try to buy a fixture, and I admit that I can probably make my own from the contents of our basement.

Last Sunday's plan worked well, so we find a parking place along the lake and a sunny bench and spend an hour or so reading the Chicago Tribune and lake gazing. So peaceful. I want to live on water.

CA's determined to be home for the Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons kick-off at noon, so I drop him home and borrow his new car to do some shopping. I have a coupon for Sur le Table, and plan to buy a Madeleine mold. Something I've wanted, but not felt the need of until now. The $10.00 gift coupon makes it all the more attractive. I just discovered a recipe on Fabulously French the other day that makes me want to try my hand at making my first batch.

After Sur le Table, I'm compelled to hit-up a couple more Tuesday Mornings in search of the gift item JL asked me to track down for her. Success! Finally, at the 5th Tuesday Morning I've visited in the past three days. 

Good to be home this afternoon and evening. I've begun to read the travel anthology RvH gave me for my birthday. Great, so far. The Best American Series: The Best American Travel Writing 2010, edited by Bill Buford.

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