14 September 2011


Today is my scheduled personal services day. No, I'm not referring to serving humanity, today I'm having a tune-up. Mani-pedi-haircut-touch-up, but my hair person's dad dies suddenly of a heart attack, so the hair stuff is postponed. Before the noon appt. I have a 9:45am doctor appt. and then a stop at Ambrosia for coffee. I hadn't been sure whether they were doing blood work this morning, so I fasted overnight. Ambrosia is the reward. Love their Ambrosia blend coffee, especially with the fresh whipped cream.

iPhone photos don't do it justice...

I'm a good girl this morning and manage to ignore all immediate temptation. I do buy two baguettes, muffins (zucchini, bran, blueberry, and cranberry) for the freezer at home. I realize time has gotten away from me but manage to get to Swanky Spa (can you believe the name?!) just on time. Having my hands and toes done is scrumptiously relaxing. By the time I'm finally home I'm starving and exhausted. Good thing there's time for a bit of relaxing reading and a little tiny nap before heading back to CL to meet BB at the new Three Oaks Park.

The walking paths don't link up in any circular pattern, but BB and I manage to get a workout. Lovely site. Three Oaks Recreation Area. This was a stone quarry and in exchange for allowing the access roads to be closed for several years, the owners turned over the site to the City for recreational purposes. I look forward to bringing grandchildren and friends here next summer.

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