29 September 2011


Sconces are new...

In process... Half the upholstered furniture is out for re-do.
Nice combo, huh?

Been home four days. It is fine! We're home for 4 weeks--just the right amount of time for me to center, focus, and accomplish. Back to exercising; yoga for the first time in weeks. Feels so good.

Each day has been about resettling--laundry, errands, appts., and phone calls. GG goes home from the hospital tomorrow with help from friends and Home Instead. I've been coordinating her care since LFW and CA are busy with their respective teaching jobs.

We're in the middle of a rainy season. I love rainy days and nights, so I'm happy and snug. I love wearing sweaters and jackets--cool mornings, midday sunshine, and crisp Fall nights.

We have three days to prepare for our floors to be refinished. Tomorrow I'll finish up some projects-- sewing a fleece throw for the master bedroom and cataloging and photographing the antiques I may sell. All that to rid our space of my clutter so we can pack up the great room, kitchen, entry, and back hall.

Next week will be chaos. There will be dust. KP assures me it will be minimal, but I'm a doubter... I'm planning to live in our bedroom-- even entering and exiting through a low window, if necessary. And, I'm guessing there will be long lunch dates, afternoon movies, and maybe even an overnight with RvH.
CA will adapt, and he's barely home these days anyway. No on will be cooking in our kitchen for at least a week.

On the bright side, when the floors are done the reupholstered furniture will be delivered and we'll be mostly done with the redecorating. It will be gorgeous.

I'm reading lots and enjoying the downtime. Life is good.

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