15 September 2011


Bento Box Lunch--half eaten.

Caterpillar Roll

Today is less complicated than expected. LL had to cancel HB, so I have the morning to get ready for friends, RvH is coming at 10:30am, then we'll meet KT at The Golden Roll for lunch at noon. RvH has a doctor's appt. this afternoon and KT is working, so RvH will spend the morning with me at my house, and KT will spend the afternoon.

 RvH wants to see the redecorating updates. She approves and has a few suggestions, at this point she's living vicariously, but to tell the truth, her home is lovely.

Surprisingly, RvH loves TGR. She's a finicky eater--think Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. No cold cheese in salads. Absolutely no onions. Coffee scalding hot (I agree with this one.). No grape or cocktail tomatoes--too much skin. It goes on and on, and I love her in spite of and because of her finickiness.

Never having had sushi before our last visit together, she loved the Bento box lunch and bragged about her adventure for weeks. Turns out KT is an initiate to sushi today, so we lead her along the pathway. She's better than me, as she likes raw salmon and tuna.

We're all dazzled and satiated. A fun, fun lunch. The conversation never lags. KT works online a lot, so we're able to visit and work--well, she works while I make lists and play Solitare. I love retirement! KT and I decide we need to get together more often. Somewhere in there, I pull put some of LL and RvH's hand-me-downs and KT scores a brown leather jacket and two sweaters. RvH has lost 30 lbs. And doesn't plan to go looking for them ever again, so she's passed along a ton of clothing--some with price tags attached.

 CA has a soccer game tonight, and I'm happy to be home with a good book and some junk t.v. Tomorrow starts a very busy travel-entertainment schedule and I'm happy for time to relax.

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