12 November 2009


USS Cole DDG 67

Man the battle stations! Full speed ahead. We're in charge! This morning, anyway. JE is off to work, and MA is on the way back from his 2-day conference in Louisville. We're having fun, and both little ones are cooperating.

JA insists on some Bridge and LE just wants to smile and shout. Yes, LE shouts. Very, very loudly and often. She is exhuberant about life and totally engaged. We love it! JA isn't so sure about the shouting, but he hasn't complained much for awhile so maybe he is finally adjusting to a noisy little sister.

Nana arrives around 9:00am and takes JA to the zoo where they pet a snake and visit the shrew. He especially likes the jungle part and is fascinated by the baby gorilla in a diaper! Nana is JA's big entertainment today, and he works it.

We have a kicked-back day... a little laundry, a little housekeeping, some leaf kicking, a few diaper changes and bottles. It's good to just do life a bit with the little ones. I think it's Norma Jean the Termite Queen who encourages one to celebrate the ordinary days, because at some point when life is out-of-control you'll look back and wish for an ordinary day.

I've promised a big dinner. CA grills the NY strip steaks; MA and JE wrangle the kids and in between prepare the rice, fry the tortillas, stir the beans. I whip together the mayonesa and avocado sauces, and pretty soon LE is in bed and we are ready for MONSTER TACOS! Yum!

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