21 November 2009

WHINING: Restless Leg Syndrome


No one willingly blogs at 1:48am. About 12:30am I'm reminded of why I rarely have a glass of wine although CA has become quite a oenophile.  Even one glass makes me sleepy and if I succumb, within 2 hours I am awake and my (I've decided to de-personalize this nasty ailment) Restless Leg Syndrome takes charge. Sleep eludes me. The lovely chianti I had at Malnati's no longer seems a good idea.

After over an hour of twitching and turning, I am up and trying a bit of child pose to stretch my taut muscles and calm my mind. Before too long I have remembered an addition to yesterday's post (KF's spontaneous happy baby pose) and I am at the laptop.

I say the laptop because this is the cherished laptop. The one I did not think we needed, but CA lusted for and the kids, Gigi, and I gave him for his birthday last year. I love this laptop!

Anyway, I have plans for later today and I am well aware that this lack of sleep will reflect throughout my activities today. Ick... Today. I refuse to give in to the fact that a new day has begun. I want to sleep and look forward to tomorrow--the first day of the rest of my life.

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