16 November 2009


Watermelon for breakfast? Of course! LG sometimes forgets the American word and calls it "lemon." Both little girls love watermelon, and they've been up for hours (two) so LG is ready for a snack. When she asks to cut the melon circles into triangles, I get a quick inspiration (this is after my coffee) and we insert lollipop sticks and share our watermelon suckers.

LG helps me vacuum and clean the library (a pretentious word that I always have a hard time spitting out). We're preparing for "company." MK and CA are at the Social Security office replacing MK's card, and when they come home they'll feel very special because we have prepared the room for their return. I discover that the self-propel switch is in the "off" position! No wonder vacuuming has been so difficult lately and CA had taken over the chore.

There's a whole lot of frenetic energy going on here. Lots of energy. You don't mention ANYTHING to LG that you don't intend to follow through... I decide to take a break and cruise Tuesday Morning and Marshalls before meeting everyone at Nick's for 1/2 price pizza night, but before I go LG reminds me that we need to exercise.

LG, KF, and I roll out the yoga mats and practice the sleeping bunny, warrior, bridge, sun salutations, happy baby, etc. What fun! And, both little girls show great promise. Soon they will catch up with JA, my major Yogi.

At Nick's KF and LG really get into the peanuts-in-the-shell, because you get to throw the shells on the floor! Being very independent individuals, we each order our own separate pizza--DM goes for the Nick's Special, substituting pepperoni for sausage; CA always orders American bacon and onion; the little girls love Hawaiian; I love spinach, onion, and sausage with light cheese; and tonight MK decides to try my favorite, too. Of course, we each get our own!

By 7:15pm CA and I are on our way home, alone, listening to the quiet and content to know that we will see the little girls again on Friday for dinner. It is such a treat for us to have so much time with them, and we are especially thankful because we just spent 4 days with LE and JA. Life is good.

And, I can still say life is good even though the Subaru dealer told us today that the Forester requires $3,600 in repairs and maintenance. How can that be? We have always carefully maintained the little SUV. Life just continues to happen, and that is okay. Life is good.

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