26 November 2009


Much to be thankful for...

The Phillips' family gathers in Eureka at Gigi's for the first time in many years. An over-the-top meal:

homemade noodles
green bean casserole
strawberry pretzel salad (?!)
sweet potatoes
mashed potatoes
dinner rolls
lemon tart
peach crumb pie
apple crumb pie

And then, the non-traditional, new tradition turkey shooters! Oysters/cocktail sauce/squeeze of lemon or lime, topped off with Grey Goose. Or, oysters/V8/hot sauce/squeeze of lemon or lime, and Grey Goose. It's all on video.

We have a houseful--10 adults and 4 little ones. It's been a noisy, raucous, fun-filled day. No casualties.

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