03 November 2009


I am feeling the need to stop referring to JA as the Squishy Little Guy because he is lately all arms and legs... We will visit next week and can hardly wait to get our arms around JA and his beautiful baby sister.

We have been discussing of late whether it's possible JA has super hearing, as loud noises really, really upset him. Then, on Friday when his Nana was with him he kept asking, "Did you hear that?" and "What was that?" After a bit she told him that she couldn't hear anything and he should point to where the noise was. He got his little stool and drug it to the kitchen window that overlooks the backyard, and looked out. He then said, "The squirrel is locking the door." Sure enough, when Nana looked out there was a squirrel sitting on the back porch railing messing with the doorknob.

Could he really hear the squirrel from inside and on the opposite side of the house? We think so...

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