19 November 2009


Wednesday, Thursday... Catching up on my reading and napping. Every so often I tackle a bit of the stacks of clutter still surviving from the weekend. Catalogs! Give me a break; I've been inundated and I hate to miss scanning most of them.

I do toss out Lands End, J. Jill, a few others as I can go online if and when I need something. But, CB2, Costco's Thanksgiving savings, Crate & Barrel Holiday 2009, Kitchen Krafts (where I ordered the cool tulip muffin liners), Toys R Us (I hate shopping in their stores! Way over-stimulating.), Acacia (a new one with yoga-type stuff)... the list goes on. And, I'm way behind in my magazine reading--Martha Stewart Living October and November, the past two Gourmets, and the two I bought in Austin.

RvH phoned to cancel our planned book signing adventure for tonight. Think I'll cancel, too. I hadn't remembered that today is Beaujolais Nouveau 2009 and, while we aren't having our party this year, CA plans to pick up a couple of bottles to mark the occasion, and now I will be here to celebrate with him. We always enjoy marking this date.

  "(Beaujolais producer) George Duboeuf himself is calling it the vintage of a lifetime," says Vance. "This is supposed to be an exceptional, exceptional year. It's more concentrated, robust and enjoyable."

  Vance says Beaujolais is ready for immediate consumption and can last for as long as six months. He has no doubt many people will enjoy their new purchases this weekend, while others will save it for Christmas.
  NB Liquor sommelier Robert Noël says the Nouveau version of Beaujolais is more of a fun wine than a serious wine. "Its release is another occasion to have a glass of wine with your friends," he says.

The world is getting ready to have a party; a party taking place in homes, restaurants, and bars all over the world celebrating the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau. Beaujolais Nouveau is offered only once a year and every fall the region of France between the Rhone and Saone Rivers, known as Beaujolais, is pure pandemonium. The chaos is the result of the race to get freshly packed cases of the year's first Beaujolais to market. French law prohibits the world wide release of Beaujolais Nouveau before the stroke of midnight on the third Thursday of November. Getting the wine to its destination on time has become a fun-filled race and quite a spectacle. Bottles of it have been delivered on the Concord, by horse-drawn carriages and elephants, by bicycles and hot air balloons.

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Karin said...

Thanks for the education on beaujolais nouveau - wow could there really be that many vowels in these two words? - very interesting!

I'll join you and CA next year if you're around!