20 November 2009


A brisk walk at the new Health Bridge in Huntley seems just the ticket for this cold and wet morning. Beautiful facility. I'd forgotten it existed. We cancelled our gym membership as an economy move when I quit working full-time, just over two years ago. I've missed the padded track and I think I will sign up for a couple of months this winter so that I can continue to walk indoors, which is much healthier for my feet...

DM calls while I'm out and when I return his call I find that he and the little girls are coming to visit. I do some housework and then remember to rest! We play in the front yard for a bit and then come inside and put up a tent. LG wants a picnic, so we cut up a banana, slice 1/2 an apple, and peel a Clementine to make 3 small plates of fruit--for LG, KF, and grandma. Both girls run to meet CA when he comes in from teaching. KF is fast becoming Papa's girl.

DM leaves around 3:00pm with the little girls to meet MK in Huntley. She's been on a field trip with an education professor from Wheaton College. They are touring some social services/school situations to give her a bird's-eye-view of how her education would translate into the workforce in the U.S.

CA and I have to pick up the BMW from the dealer's service department. I did some fast negotiating today and was able to save us money on the two new tires and rotation! Still waiting to get the estimate from the Auto Doctor on the Subaru...

We meet later at Lou Malnati's in Lakewood for a great antipasta salad and Lou's pizza--fresh tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions, and sausage. Yum! LG gets to play Ms. Pac Man and soon decides once is NOT enough. Both girls cuddle close to me for back rubs, and we have a very fine Friday night dinner together. A rare, but lovely treat.

At one point during dinner KF rolls onto her back on the banquet seat and lifts her tiny legs in the air in a perfect happy baby yoga pose--with a twinkle and a shy grin, showing me she remembers what she learned on Monday.

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