11 November 2009


Sweet Magnolia’s scones for breakfast! Fresh blueberry and fresh raspberry scones; wonderful, voluptuous scones! JA and CA bring us a delightful surprise.

I sleep in a bit… I know, I’ve said that before, and often… I am up before 9:00am and the French press coffee is still hot. JA is ready to rock ‘n roll, already talking about baking cookies and going to the park. He is wired today, but his mommy and baby sister had a rough night with little sleep. LE woke up often screaming in fright (?). It didn’t sound like pain. JE is baffled and exhausted. This beautiful baby has been a wonderful sleeper, but as babies everywhere she has to shake it up a bit once in awhile.

CA runs JA around the yard a bit to use up some of the testosterone-fueled energy, and I encourage JE to catch a nap. LE does take her bottle from me, but soon discovers neither JA nor JE are in-sight and she’s none too happy about it. I carry her out back and she calms. In the end JE doesn’t really sleep, but manages 45 minutes in her bed.

We’ve decided that Target is our goal. We find a great winter jacket for JA, and a few other trinkets before JA spills water on his shirt and pants and freaks! I promise a dry shirt and we head back to the toddler boy’s department to see what we can find. What we find is a Bob Marley t-shirt! JA knows all about Bob Marley—one of his guitar heroes. JA’s ginger hair is a stunning contrast/complement with the butterscotch-colored shirt.

I head west to TJ Maxx and the others return to Burt (and Ernie) Street. I manage to kill about two hours checking out the clearance items and being seduced by the housewares and Christmas decorations. Among the clearance items, I find a London print for JE’s bathroom and a new lampshade. For $1 there is a small book for LE--Playtime for Baby Strawberry (Shortcake); touch and feel fun. And, I buy two tubes of Aveeno 30spf Sunblock for $3.00 each—regularly over $10 each. I love these bargains!

We decide to have an easy dinner—purchase some chicken wings and make a salad. Before long we’ve decided we don’t need the salad, so we have a high carb/high fat, and spectacularly tasty dinner. After the din of dinner, JE laughs that it is only 6:00pm and we still have the evening in front of us!

I offer some yoga instruction to JA and we roll out the mats. Not such a great idea on a full tummy, but the squishy little guy has energy to burn and I think a bit of yoga might calm him down. Ha! While he does particularly well with the yoga positions, he really likes crawling under my bridge pose and can’t resist occasionally throwing himself through my bent legs and onto my torso. The deep breathing and meditative benefits of yoga are lost on a two year-old.

We’re having a really good time in Omaha. Tomorrow JA’s Nana comes to visit, and mommy will work.

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