03 November 2009



John T. McCutcheon
Chicago Tribune
September 30, 1907

I am determined to stay in bed until noon today! Mission accomplished. CA is teaching, but is kind enough to leave behind a 1/2 pot of French Press. I need an I.V.--even at noon!

Clutter, clutter everywhere. First I will de-clutter. Lots of vacation-related clutter and very little small girl clutter because MK is vigilant at keeping order with their things. We've been half-heartedly working on laundry and have a few more loads to sort through.

CA arrives home from teaching before I am out of the shower (short day when he subs for a department head). He dives in and we both work on restoring some order, but get distracted by lunch and then he heads out for errands, including renewing my library books. I read a whole lot less than normal in Hawaii and Austin because we were so physically active and exhausted each night.

I am loving The Love We Share Without Knowing by Christopher Barzak and will read his One For Sorrow which won all kinds of awards in 2008.

After a bit of rest I intend to conquer the clutter and begin the cleaning. Tomorrow DM+MK, the girls, and guests will come for a late lunch and a tour of Woodstock. I am planning on duplicating the Monster Tacos we enjoyed in Old Koloa Town. CA will grill New York Strip Steak and Chicken Breasts, and along with all the appropriate toppings I will serve some homemade refried beans and green rice. More about that later.

The weather has been particularly gorgeous the past two days--a real Indian Summer. A bit later than usual, but welcome none-the-less. As LG left yesterday she took the time to show the rakes to PaPa and then, separately, to me, asking if when she returned we could rake together. Of course!

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