01 March 2014

The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility

Katja Millay


Very excited to begin a new book. I've been reading mostly non-stop all winter with almost no notable books to record on my First Paragraphs blog. But just a short while ago, I pulled this paperback out of my library bag and my interest level took a dramatic upturn.


I love ut when a story just grabs you from the very first paragraph, and The Sea of Tranquility did that and more.


Many, many times I've wished to be a slower reader but I can't help but power through almost every book I read. Including, a part-day to polish-off (earlier this week) the non-fiction The Grand Tour, Around the World with the Queen of Mystery - Agatha Christy. I'm not an huge Agatha Christy fan, but I am a fan of PBS and of British fiction, in general. I did enjoy this edition of a portion of Christy's letters and memoir. I plan to read more in other published biographical materials.




In general, my love of reading is one of my most-valued gifts. Life-long learning, vocabulary-enhancing, boredom chasing adventures.


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