28 February 2014

Midsomer Murders

Bored silly most of the time by network and cable TV until we finally figured out our AppleTV device and have enriched our winter evenings with movies and past PBS and BBC selections.

One of my late-night consistent choices is Midsomer Murders, which has been in-production since 1997.

While Midsomer Murders is mostly akin to Murder She Wrote (never a fan), and completely lacks any CSI attention to forensic detail, I'm a fan. Pure entertainment, with the added value of catching a view of British actors familiar from Doc Martin and Downton Abbey--in their earlier years. Mrs. Hughes from Downton was a hoot! Very late '90s and quite thin and stylish. Have also spotted Aunt Rosemund and have noted Mr. Carson will show up soon.



I'm up to Season 3, with eons more to view. I've been keeping track and there are an average of 3 murders per show. Makes one wonder why anyone still lives anywhere near a Midsomer village.


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