27 March 2014


CA and I were reminiscing last weekend about PayDay candy bars. Cannot remember the context, but I was motivated to buy two with plans to chocolate coat them. That's just how my brain works, sometimes.
When I reached into the pantry for the chocolate chips, we had only butterscotch--having tossed the remainders of three degrees of Ghiradelli chocolate chips (milk-semi-sweet-dark) into the recent batch of chocolate chip-pecan-dried cranberry cookies. Just the Tollhouse recipe, but increasing the brown sugar to 1 Cup, and decreasing the white sugar to 1/2 Cup.
I digress...
I proceded to attempt to melt the butterscotch chips. I should have known better. I do know better. By design, baking chips don't melt; they just soften. Not to fear, I had some semi-sweet Baker's chocolate on-hand.

I cut the PayDay into quarters, arranged on waxed paper (a cooling rack would have been better--drips), globbed some softened butterscotch chips on top of each piece, drizzled with microwave-melted Baker's chocolate. Voilà!

They went down easily... There were only 4. YUM. CA ate 2 1.

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